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These simple things help solve sleep deprivation problems

By :Nobby Hub
These simple things help solve sleep deprivation problems

To be honest, we all have had a fair share of sleep deprivation in our lives. Becoming a zombie is on the verge. No kidding! Sleep deprivation can seriously affect mental health and cause brains to function less productively.

Before we reach the Resident Evil era, let’s get some facts straight. According to, less sleep can cause the following issues:

  • Depression, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • Psychosis, paranoia. (Say hello to Freddy Kreuger in dreams)
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Low concentration for daily tasks
  • Feeling short-tempered.

This sounds like the recipe for mental health disaster just by having low-quality of sleep. The reasons for it can vary, but we have you covered for some solutions.

  • Follow a Ritual: maintain a nighttime routine to help yourself unwind. Avoid caffeine before sleep, have a set bedtime, enjoy a relaxing bath and skincare regime, set a cool temperature for the room and use comfy pillows, mattresses and bedsheets.
  • Exercise more and Nap less: A daily dose of exercise, be it at the gym or yoga, can help in improving your night sleep by working up the muscles for rest. Also, less sleep during the day will let your body sleep 7-8 hours straight at night, which is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Literally Covered: Instead of the standard blankets, opt for Weighted Blankets that are known to assist in a more comfortable sleep. It helps in reducing stress as they mimic a hug, which releases happy hormones and can relax the mind for a sound night’s sleep. These special blankets are lined with non-toxic fillings (Nobby Hub uses glass beads). Check out our premium quality Weighed Blankets here

Beginning with these small steps, you can yield effective results on your mental health by evading the damage caused by sleep deprivation. You will also become socially active and more creative at work.

Happy avoiding the Zombie Apocalypse!

Nobby Hub strongly believes that it is time to be more responsible and make a change today for a better tomorrow. WhatsApp @ (307) 395-0222 for quick chat.

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