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Quick tips on mindful eating and drinking habits

By :Nobby Hub
Quick tips on mindful eating and drinking habits

Life nowadays seems to pass by at the speed of lightning. Juggling between work, family, and friends, all within a 24/7 timeframe has become overbearing. We have conditioned our bodies to eat and drink on-the-go, unfortunately. From take-outs to quick lunch breaks and speedy dinners are now the leading causes of many underlying health conditions. We need to go on a break! Central Perk style. Enjoying your favorite coffee and snack with friends is what mindful eating and drinking are in a nutshell.

According to one of Healthline’s article,

“Mindful eating is about developing awareness of your experiences, physical cues, and feelings about food.”

Here are a few ways on how you can instill mindful eating and drinking habits:

Experience with all five senses: Being aware of the moment is key. See, smell, hear and eventually taste your food and drinks. Your time with your food/drink should be like a relationship that is harmonious, appreciative, and present.

30 Chews: Eating slowly without interruptions, will help your body digest the food properly. At a minimum, count 30 chews of a single bite. Try incorporating no screen time to savor the meal and focus on eating. Coupled with dinner table conversations will be productive as well.

Conscious Choices: Going to buy groceries, deciding where to dine, contemplating on the menu choices, or what cutlery to use, just remember that making well-aware decisions is necessary towards leading a healthy life. Meals should be made with conscious picks from healthy organic produce. Many restaurants now have alternate healthier options to choose from, along-with sustainable dinnerware. Why not take your own eco-friendly sustainable straws when you dine out. Drinking your favorite beverage has never been more mindful.

Make these mindful adoptions into habits and you can eat and drink your way towards weight loss, better health, glowing skin and happy days! Oh, and all the while helping our planet one step at a time.

Nobby Hub strongly believes that it is time to be more responsible and make a change today for a better tomorrow. WhatsApp @ (307) 395-0222 for quick chat.

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