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Silicone straws and their benefits

Most of us have a desire to have a healthier lifestyle and to make a positive change for the environment. Some of us are even actively implementing changes to make that positive impact. Replacing those pesky single-use water-pollution Plastic drinking straws with Reusable Silicone straws is one change that is easy to make, and one […]

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Importance of reusable drinking straws

To fully understand the benefits of using reusable drinking straws, we must first realize the impact of using plastic in general, especially the adverse effects it has on Oceans, our earth’s lifeline. Realize the value Ocean produces 70% of the oxygen on earth, it regulates the climate, and is a vital source of food. Besides […]

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Help reduce adverse effects of plastic on environment

You must have witnessed a conscious effort towards stopping the usage of plastic based products in the current times. Drinking from plastic straws is also on the brunt of this rebellion, and it is with good reason; plastic is terrible for the environment, resulting in pollution and environmental degradation. It was about time that countries […]

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