Weighted Blankets by Nobby Hub

Most of us, if not all, want to sleep sound and wake up stress free. One of the best ways to be able to do that is with a Weighted Blanket. 

A weighted blanket is generally filled with materials like beads, discs or pellets made of polyfill or glass. They are so precisely and meticulously filled that the weight of the blanket is evenly distributed across the body for a feeling of being gently hugged. And who does not want a hug from time to time. As a result, you will feel more relaxed during sleep.

Weighted blankets have even been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. The deep touch pressure offered by them is supposed to make you feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable. 

They come in a variety of weight ranges and make you feel like you’re being wrapped in a cozy cocoon. You will be amazed to know that people have started to rely on weighted blankets to help through anxiety and insomnia. So much so that the potential benefits for adults and children alike include helping to improve mood, reduce stress, and promote restful sleep. Do you need more of a reason to get one for yourself? 

It is definitely wise to invest in Weighted Blankets, as they are immensely comfortable and calming as hell!! Don’t just take our word for it, get our premium certified weighted blankets here and see for yourself. We assure you that you will have sweet surrender dreams.

And don’t be greedy, gift one to your loved ones. Let’s spread a bit of  happiness, through eco-friendly means, all around!

The general rule of thumb in getting a Weighted Blanket is to pick one that is 10 percent of your bodyweight. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should opt for a 15-pound weighted blanket. If you are closer to 200 pounds, a 20-pound blanket is a good fit, and hence forth.

Weighted blankets should never be a substitute for proven therapies for anxiety or insomnia. If anyone is getting treatment for mental health condition, then they must get concurrence from their doctor or therapist before buying one.